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Quality Management System

Quality Management System

You must have heard about the term Quality Management System or QMS! The Quality Management System is also known as QMS is a baseline requirement to implement processes and requirements as per ISO 9001 or IATF 16949 or ISO 17025. What is Quality Management System (QMS)? A QMS covers all key essential elements, activities, processes, … Continue reading Quality Management System

Cost of Quality is?

Cost of Quality

Many organizations do evaluate financial performance, budget, spending, profit, loss, return on investment, and cost of quality! In today's competitive environment and thin profit margin, no organization can afford wastage within the organization, high warranty cost, and product recall. What is the cost of quality? Cost of Quality is a terminology used in the manufacturing … Continue reading Cost of Quality is?

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply chain risk management

Supply chain risk assessment & management is a key aspect in business in order to reduce/mitigate the risks involved in the production and distribution of a products or a service. It is very important to make a perfect supply chain risk management framework or plan to handle the risk involved in the supply chain