A good workplace culture!

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It is very common to see different behavior in society. Some people are very polite and they treat others respectfully. And few people just want results, they do not bother about politeness, kindness and treating their employees respectfully.

Akash a young, successful, optimistic CEO, grew in the middle-class family. In childhood, Akaash struggled. Despite his struggle, he did achieve his goals. Akash working as CEO of mid-scale company and he is leading 2000+ employee organization.

One day Akash’s schoolmate Peeyush called Akash, both had a long talk over the phone call. Both decided to meet. One day Peeyush visited Akash’s office and sat in the reception area. After 15 minutes a receptionist escorted Peeyush to Akash’s cabin.

Peeyush enters in Akash’s cabin and both greeted each other. Both were busy in discussing school days memory. Meanwhile, Akash’s assistant knocked on the cabin door and said, ‘Sir sorry to disturb you. I need your signature on a few papers. May I?

Akash said, ‘Yeah sure sir!

Assistant handover bunch of papers to Akash. Akash read the content and started signing on the paper and he said ‘Sir, meet my friend Peeyush. We both were studied in the same school. Akash made eye contact with the assistant and smiled.

Assistant said, ‘Nice to meet you Mr.Peeyush‘. And the conversation between three continued for 2 mins. After 2 mins, the assistant was about to leave a cabin. Akash said, Sir could you please reschedule today evening meeting, as we both going out for dinner together

Assistant said, ‘Sure sir I will re-schedule meeting based on your availability this week. Akash said, Thanks a lot sir, Assistant said, ‘You are welcome sir‘.  

Peeyush was carefully observing this incidence, as soon as the assistant left the cabin, Peeyush asked Akash, ‘Hey Akash, you are CEO of this organization and you say sir to your assistant? Why?’.  

Akash (smiled and) said, what’s the wrong in treating someone respectfully? Yes, he is my assistant but he is older than me. I am 45 years old and he is 56 years old

Peeyush said,’Yeah it’s very common to see a different age group employees in the corporate, but you are heading this company and you say sir to your assistant? Peeyush was a bit curious about Akash’s politeness.  

Akash smiled and said, So what? I am leading this company and I have to maintain a good culture in this organization. I must treat my colleagues respectfully.

Akash said, Let me share my experience. When I was young, I used to notice my father, saying sir to his manager. His manager was younger than him. My dad’s boss was very arrogant and aggressive, he scolded my dad many times. My dad was working as an executive assistant and he was responsible for the admin and travel arrangement of his boss.

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Criticism, insult, scolding, shouting, frustration, treating dis-respectful these simply build up a toxic culture in the organization!

During the engineering study, I wanted to work as an intern in my dad’s organization. My dad tried a lot and finally, I got a 2 months internship. I was happy and started my internship. It was another normal day as usual and all-employee meetings were called off. My dad was so busy in arranging this all-employee meeting. Employees were started gathering in the cafeteria. I heard a loud voice in the cafeteria. I saw my dad’s boss was scolding my dad due to some delay in arrangement. It was very insulting for my dad, I felt too bad about this incidence.

While returning home, my dad said ‘Akash you have to work a lot to become successful in your career. He said, don’t be upset about today’s incidence. It’s very common nowadays in our organization, Unfortunately, it’s our work culture my dear son! 

That day, I felt bad and I learned why my dad gets frustrated frequently at home. That day, I learned how my dad is struggling in his organization. That day, I decided to build-up a good behavior. That day, I decided, treating people respectfully. That day, I decided to build a good communication and behavior skills. That day, I decided, when the situation is not in control, just take a lesson from it and move on. Whenever I see my assistant, I always miss my dad. That’s why I call him SIR! (Akash smiled)

Akash said, Big thanks to my dad’s boss. Because of that incidence I could build up a good culture in my organization. Good behavior, patience, kindness, treating others respectfully in the organization is very important to build a good and successful organization and it’s not a one day job its a continuous process

Conclusion- Respect everybody in day to day job, no matter whether you are a CEO or assistant, a good culture in organization matters a lot. Treating your employee, colleagues respectfully in the workplace build up a good culture. Nobody is bad or good, these are just labels given by humans.

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Criticism, insult, scolding, shouting, frustration, treating dis-respectful these simply build up a toxic culture in the organization! Toxic culture in the workplace cannot motivate employees to deliver better and exceed customer expectations.

Author: Onkar Todalbagi

Diploma in Civil Engineering, 3rd Year Civil Engineering, Pune, India

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  1. Seniority is only seen in indian corporate. Which is very wrong. In other countries all are same, even ceo gives respect to janiator.
    Nicely written adding reflection of feelings and our culture abt respecting elders.


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