Parenting: Applying Discipline Technique

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Good parenting practice makes a big difference in children’s development. Good parenting plays a very important role to nurture discipline in your child.

There is no elevator for success, there is no alternative for hard work and there is no alternative for discipline. Every parent expects good academic performance from their kids.

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There is no elevator for success, there is no alternative for hard work and there is no alternative for discipline.

Every parent expects good academic performance from their kids. Students with high ambition/goal in life do struggle a lot to achieve his / her goal. Very few students get success in a competitive exam in the first attempt and the majority of students face the first attempt as a trial & error. No one is perfect in this world, there is no end for learning, there is no end for continual improvement.

We have to keep learning in our life. Success does not come without hard work, dedication, determination, and discipline. Discipline is must be nurtured during the early phase of life and it must be nurtured by effective parenting.

Let me share my practical experience in this blog. Neither I am a professional parenting coach nor I am a teacher. I am sharing my small experiment details in this blog. I and my engineering friends decided to start a group study. We gathered at my home and the first day of group study was very effective. We experienced the power of group study. We decided to continue a group study for more than one month. We prepared a group study time-table based on our engineering exam schedule. We all from different backgrounds grown in a different environment, different likes and dislikes.

In my childhood, I have learned a lot from my parents and grandparents about maintaining cleanliness at home. It was a very disciplined approach at our home. After one week, I started experiencing poor discipline in group study and poor cleanliness in my apartment. After seeing scattered books, deteriorating cleanliness conditions at home, I asked my friends to maintain cleanliness and neat environment at my home. I didn’t get a good response from my friends. Then I have decided to maintain my home clean and tidy, I started cleaning the floor, I started cleaning utensils.

The first day I didn’t get any response from my friend. I convinced myself and continued with my daily job for a few more days. It’s was the same story again, none of my friends helped me in my daily job. I started losing my temper and scolded my friends and asked them to help me to maintain cleanliness at home. My friends agreed to help me and the next day one friend started helping me after a few days all my friends started helping me to clean home one by one. Things started working, I am happy that teamwork makes a difference and when you maintain discipline in teamwork it makes a big difference.

Cleaning home was no longer a challenge, so I have decided to try my cooking hobby. I started cooking, the first two days no one touched cuisine which I have prepared except me. I said myself that’s fine I like homemade food, let’s continue. I continued with my daily cooking task. I was making good progress in cooking, I kept learning to make a delicious and healthy homemade food. My friends also started to taste cuisine which I have prepared. They liked it. We all started cooking dinner at home and I was the master chef. We all maintained discipline and we believed in continual improvement. Things do not change immediately, it takes time to build a good discipline, a good behavior. I applied discipline techniques and worked very well.

The best time to start discipline in the early phase of children’s life i.e. when you kids are a toddler. This is the perfect phase to apply discipline techniques. If you expect that, your kids learn good things from you, you must also own it first. Because children learn quickly by observing the surrounding things. It’s a challenging job to teach discipline to a toddler. However, it’s better to start it in the early phase of life. Eg. Building blocks is a basic brain game for kids.

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Offer blocks of different color and shape to your toddler, let him/her build something out of it. Kids enjoy this brain game a lot. Once your kids are done with building block, you just politely ask you son/daughter to put blocks in toys box. Initially, a toddler will not respond, but keep trying. After a few trail kids start following your instruction. Remember continual improvement takes time because it’s a step by step approach.

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90% brain development process completes by age 6 to 7. What children observe, listen and do in this early phase of life will help them to shape their thought process, behavior in their entire life.

How to teach discipline and building positive thoughts in your kids’ minds?

There are various ways to accomplish this goal. Eg. Start reading books in front of your kids.

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Try simple meditation techniques, mediation will help your kids to nurture positive thoughts. Teach simple YOGA to kids. Teach your kids how to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness at home and school.

Kids follow instructions without any doubt but with curiosity. Kid follows instruction blindly, this is the right time to sow good thoughts in them. Parents, grandparents, teacher and other family members in a family must behave carefully. Never abuse anyone and use anyone and use bad words in front of small kids. Parents and teacher need to be leaders, not a dictator. Children in the first 5 years react without thinking. If you do not provide toys, kids get upset & frustrated. That’s normal behavior, but most important how parents react in this situation. Most importantly, how you behave and apply discipline techniques.

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