Why a career objective for resume is so important?


It’s time to think about, why a career objective for resume is so important?

For any professional, a resume is a vital document in which one can find all the relevant information and facts related to the professional aspect of a person. You might sense the importance of having a good resume. Also, individuals know that how much negative effect a bad resume can have on your potential candidature. Even when you go for career counseling, they might emphasize having a good resume.

Every person with a resume knows that plenty of other individuals are there with a well-crafted resume that carefully targets the positions as well as managers. Besides, for a single job, if not
thousands, hundreds of qualified people apply. This creates a high chance of a lot of resumes getting lost in the pile. Therefore, your resume as well as your career objective needs to stand out.

Technology has made it even more difficult. Every job description has target keywords that are
required in the potential candidate. Also, the resumes are analyzed and interpreted by software.
Therefore, if your resume is not up to the mark, you might not make it to the next level.

Let’s look at the examples of a career objective.

● Seeking opportunities in a challenging environment where I can utilize my skillset for personal and organizational growth.

● Looking for a highly rewarding career in an organization that offers an environment filled with growth and excellence to succeed.

Do these statements not sound common to you? Not only it has a higher chance of getting rejected but also creating a not-so-good impact on the employers.

Therefore, coming to the parts of a resume, an important aspect is the career objective for a resume.
Well, what do you assume a career objective is? It is not only securing a job after completing your education or getting a promotion. There is much more to it.

You cannot just write, “Hi, I’m the best fit for the job”. It needs to be well built and professional.

First, let’s understand the meaning of a career objective for a resume

It is a short statement stating your career direction as well as your place as a potential strong
candidate for a job position. Moreover, a career objective for a resume for a fresher or an experienced person is should never be the same for two jobs you are applying to. It should be customized according to the job description and requirements.

How important is a good resume career objective?

Presently, arguments have been there regarding the usefulness of career objectives. For some experts, it is outdated while some consider it useful. However, it can be very important and useful in many cases. Therefore, let’s dig into the importance they hold.

  • Career objective provides a clear explanation for your qualification and career goals
  • Helpful in cases where you are considering a career change
  • Provides information about your ambitions and skills for a particular job
  • Helps the employers in understanding your vision and knowledge of the industry
  • Makes you stand out while narrating your specialty to the hiring managers
  • Helps the hiring managers in knowing your value to the organization at a glance.

Write a strong career objective in your resume

With proper career guidance and with a clear career meaning, you can master the skill of writing exceptional career objectives. However, you need to understand a few points to make sure that your career objective gets you to the next level.

How to write a good career objective for resume/CV?

(A few Do’s and Don’ts are here as follows)


Make it crisp and clear
Never beat around the bush. Always target straight at your goal and be specific. This develops a higher chance of getting consideration for the job you apply for. Keep in mind that while you are drafting your resume, you should write your skills and experiences are similar to the job description.

Do not use one career objective always
You should aim to make it unique and interactive. Never use a single career objective statement in every job application resume. Instead, tailor it according to the job description and company profile. Also, never go for a generic statement or a one size fits all strategy.

You should benefit the organization
Any company will hire you for your skills and expertise but only if it is beneficial for the company. Therefore, your career objective for your resume should not be only about you, your achievements, and your potential. Rather you can provide them with a fine mix of yourself as
well as your value to the company. This way, they will know what values you bring along for the benefit and growth of the organization.

Objective statement or summary statement
People have often been confused between a summary and an objective statement. However, it
can be easily differentiated and understood.
For fresher (fresh gradates), it is best to go with a career objective statement. This is because it includes your
skills and potential. Also, your precise statement will tell them who you are and what are your
career plans.
Experienced professionals might consider the summary statement as a better choice. That will
summarize all their work experience, expertise, and skills. This will catch the eye of the
employer faster.

Don’t write a paragraph
Being too long with your career objective can be a mistake. This will not make sure that you catch their attention. Instead, make it a unique, short, and specific one so that you get called for an interview. The details can be discussed in an interview but the resume is not a good choice for that.

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The bottom line
We have covered the important aspects of a career objective for resume for fresher and
experienced professionals. These tips will assist you in understanding and fulfilling your task.
Regardless of people claiming that a career objective statement is old-fashioned or unnecessary, doing it properly can make you reach the top. This can be a simple and quick way to ensure that your employers know about you at a glance.

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  1. You were right that having a career objective in the resume helps provide a clear explanation of career goals and qualifications. When I read my brother’s resume, that was the first thing I looked at. I feel like there’s something missing. I’ll ask him to consult an expert and get it worded better.

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