How to achieve a better work-life balance?

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In the hunt of making every aspect of your life matter, you often ignore the importance of achieving a great work-life balance. Whether organizations think or not about how to improve work-life balance for employees, you should always think about it. Regarding this, very few understand that money and time are equally important to life balance.

Is work-life balance important?

Yes, it is! Every area matters, and focusing on a single area without noticing the others is discouraging because they are closely bound. Even the word ‘effort’ means a single effort rather than an ongoing attempt.

Effects of poor work-life balance are,
Depression, burn out / fatigue, conflict, anxiety, poor relationship, stress, poor stakeholder management, lack of self confidence
Effects of poor work-life balance

In reality, imbalance indicates the misalignment of principles that you consider important as well as how you act to them. All this comes along with the possibility that your expectations about achieving work and life balance are silly. This leads you to not understanding them properly.

Having impossible expectations, you cannot effectively achieve your strategies for improving work-life balance. Your keen examination of experience can help you in getting wisdom and inspiration where you can develop navigational intelligence to improve your choices and invest in the best decisions.

To truly make your work-life balance problems and solutions make sense and matter, you must
target your attention on those principles that are essential for making important decisions.
Talking about work-life balance strategies for employees, you might get a lot of advice to make
everything better. However, when it comes to the question of is work-life balance important, there pivotal can be stated.

Authenticating your expectations

People often do their acts according to misguided models or assumptions. This never leads
you to achieve maximum quality results unless your expectations and realities are in line.
Your attitude towards circumstances greatly affects your thoughts, behaviors, and
expectations. Therefore, it is necessary to validate your learning by seeing the reality. True
balance does not reflect allocating the balance on both sides rather creating it in a holistic

Development of navigational intelligence

Your path might have made you come across several work-life balance examples. However,
you need to develop a fine ability to deal with stress. Making a master plan and following it can be a great effort towards your goal.
Moreover, your navigational intelligence contributes to your ability to make good judgments
and decisions. Also, it requires awareness and focuses which is important when you focus on
something else as well.

Refining your efforts

Following proven work-life balance tips and techniques only once would not deliver proven
results for a long time. Instead, it will demand your efforts and influence over time to achieve
the balance. At times, you might require guidance and motivation to polish your ability to
manage several things.
Undertaking a questionnaire for work-life balance would help you analyze where you stand
and what steps you are required to take. Also, reading quotes for work-life balance will
provide you gift you some motivation and inspiration. Be proactive and keep your goals clear to achieve your purpose.

Tips for achieving better work-life balance

Top tips for better work-life balance
01 Think smart & work smart
02 Time management
03 Know your stakeholders
04 Do not bring work home 
05 Follow P-D-C-A Cycle
06 Flexible work schedule
07 Social life
08 Make time for self & family

More and more people today dream of achieving work and life balance without affecting any area.
Following strategies for improving work-life balance can be a challenge but a great start. You might know several tips for improving the balance between work and life. However, at times, it is best to relax and follow the best of them.

Think smart and work smart

Hard work always pays off but with smart work, you can get the desired work to life balance.
Efficient time management makes one element in this step. Following the right combination of
smart work and hard work will surely save you from work stress. Also, technology might help
you here. Rather than dreaming and delaying, learn to say yes and no.

Time management

One of the prime game-changing advice, you should dedicate time to your priorities. Whether
the activity is big or small does not matter, you need to act on it. You should always start with
the most important and flexible tasks.
Moreover, never try to fit everything in 24 hours. You can spread your tasks and activities over
the week to easily work on them. For efficient time management, make a plan in your mind or
on paper. Through this, you will be able to follow a plan.
Multi-tasking is also a great thing to do. Remember, do not mess things up while multi-tasking.
Instead, you can overlap things of similar nature.

Know your stakeholders:

Knowing stakeholders’ expectations, demands help you to manage your stakeholders in a better way. Do conduct stakeholders analysis at the workplace and also in your personal life. Remember, stakeholders are not just limited to your professional life, stakeholders do exist in your personal life too. To know more about stakeholders please do read our blog about stakeholders.

Do not bring work home

A mental on-off switch might sound like a confusing thing. However, it is the gateway to
developing the perfect work-life balance. Bringing the stress and burden of work at home not
only affects you but also your relationships. Spend some more time at your workplace to finish
your work but let your home be a peaceful place. The two worlds should never mix.

Follow PDCA Cycle: PDCA stands for ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’

This technique helps to plan the task strategically and tactically. Execute (DO) the task based on a timeline, priorities, and importance. Check the status of each task, whether it’s meeting timeline, results, or not? If not, check what went wrong and where it can be improved. Build this habit and focus on continuous improvement (act). This technique helps to manage work-life balance very effectively.

Find an organization where a flexible work schedule is allowed

Working with a flexible schedule is always relaxing. If your organization does not allow flexible working culture, find out a better organization that promotes better work-life balance culture. There is no point in working more than 11+hours per day. Overworking simply reduces your creativity and learning ability.

Social life

Why reserve fun for the weekends when you can have it throughout the week? Plan something
interesting with your family and friends during the week. If not hours, spend some time doing
what makes you happy.
This way, you will be able to head into your week with something to look forward to. Also, it will help you get a strong start with a fresh mind and a happy soul. You can plan weekly as well as monthly activities depending on what you like and enjoy.

Make time for self and family

The two most important aspects of your life are your family and yourself. They provide the
greatest satisfaction and happiness of all times. Therefore, considering your family/relationships as a priority, you can see better productivity on your work front. This is because when an aspect is balanced, the other comes in tune smoothly.
As much as family and work matter, you are the center of attraction of your life.

Remember you can be replaced in 2 to 3 months by a new employee at the workplace but you can’t be replaced in your personal life. Health first and try to maintain good health by regular exercise and consuming a healthy diet. Spend quality time with family after work and especially during the weekend. This will reduce stress and increase your efficiency at the workplace.


Nothing would exist in your life without you. Therefore, make time for some pleasures you feel happy about. It’ll be wonderful in every way.

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