Engine Oil Pan

Engine Oil Pan

Engine oil pan bolted to the crankcase / engine block to serves as the bottom enclosure of the engine. 

The functions of the engine oil pan are,

  1. Engine oil pan serves an oil reservoir for engine lubrication.
  2. Heat dissipation of hot engine oil.
  3. Form a leak-proof joint to avoid seepage and leakage of engine lubrication.
  4. To protect an engine from dirt and dust.
  5.  Oil pan construction helps to settle down impurities in the oil, worn out engine metal particles. 
  6. Engine oil pan equipped with drain plug to replace used/dirty oil.
  7. Engine oil pans help to maintain oil circulation inside crankshaft oil holes.

Types of engine oil pan

Aluminum alloy oil pan

Sheet metal oil pan

Types of engine oil pan and it's application.
Types of engine oil pan and it’s application.

Aluminum Alloy oil Pan Vs. Sheet Metal oil pan

Aluminum Alloy oil PanSheet Metal oil Pan
Application – 2 wheeler / sports car engineTractor, commercial vehicle, car, utility vehicle
High costComparatively low cost solution
Better thermal conductivityComparatively lower thermal conductivity
Not suitable for low ground clearance engine as oil pan may damage/cracks if it collides to speed bump at high speed.Suitable for low ground clearance. Sheet metal oil pan will not crack. However, oil pan dented if it collides to speed bump at high speed.
Aluminum Alloy Oil Pan Vs. Sheet Metal Oil Pan

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