Exhaust manifold

Exhaust Manifold

The engine manifold is nothing but a set of pipes that connects all engine cylinder exhaust ports and acts as the first component in the exhaust system.



Let's understand why crankshaft is so essential? It transmits the power from the engine cylinder to the flywheel and gearbox. The crankshaft helps to maintain the firing order of the engine. The crankshaft balances engine dynamics, vibrations, centrifugal forces. It provides drive to the camshaft, engine fuel pump, water pump, oil pump, engine alternator, steering pump, and A/C compressor.


Types of Engine

Following factors also considered for classification of engines. 2 Stroke Engine4 Stroke EngineTypes of Ignition (Spark Ignited / Compression Ignited)Single-cylinder or multiple cylinders or V-Type cylinder Air-cooled engine or water-cooled engine SOHC - Single Overhead camshaft or DOHC- Double overhead camshaft. Naturally aspirated engine or Turbo Charged engine Rotary engine.

How to maintain a car during lock-down

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During this lock-down, one thing most of the people bit worried about car and bike condition. Post lock down many people may start to experience a dying car / SUV battery and a flat tire (puncture).