How to Set Your Goals?

‘How to Set Your Goals

The word “GOAL” refers to the aim, ambition, or desire of an individual. It stands for “Group Oriented Achievement and Learning”. The goal is the ultimate result of all the hard and smart work. This blog post helps to understand ‘How to Set Your Goals?

What do Goals mean?

  1. Goals can be defined as the outcome of investments in the form of
    hardworking, determination, concentration, and focus.
  2. The specific or desired result obtained from actions are collectively termed Goals.
  3. Goals present the entire actions that will be taken to gain the specific or expected
  4. The objective of a goal plays a significant role in the successful achievement of outcomes.
  5. Goals can be set to achieve any purpose in life. For example, a student can set a goal to
    achieve good marks, a businessman can fix the goal to be the most successful in their
    respective business sectors, etc.
  6. Goals stand as the combination of Target + Aim + Plan + Desire = Goals

Why Goal setting is important?

A goal without a plan is just a wish! Planning is an initial step to give shape to any project.
Similarly, life too needs a proper set of plans to gain or achieve the desired result or goal. An
individual can set different goals in different fields of life such as education, relationship, career, finance, etc.

Without a proper foundation of goals in life, you can pave the path of struggles and hurdles. By setting goals you can achieve a smooth and peaceful life.

Undoubtedly, goals can help an individual to achieve the desired wishes of their life.

Everyone has a dream to live life according to their desire and they do hard work to achieve it. But not everyone is leaving the way they want.

So the question arises, What stops you from living the desired life?

Hard work cannot pay you until done smartly! Yes! you got it right, Along with investing determination you need to invest it on the right track. Before you begin to put potential, find your field of interest and clear vision you need to achieve in your life.

You need to configure your short and long-term goals. For example, If you want to go to Delhi you will not suddenly jump on a train but you will follow the steps such as:

  1. Book the tickets on your travel date
  2. Start packing
  3. Reach the railway station (by taxi/metro)
  4. Catch your train
  5. Then finally will reach the Delhi/Destination

These are the specific steps to achieve your destination. Similarly, if you want to achieve your
destination, set them as a goal but not without a plan. Always try to specify the single step of your destination.

These all specification steps can be called Goal Setting and this is required at every step of life to become the successful and happiest person.

How to set your goals in a career?

A career goal can be defined as a structure that explains the profession that a person wants to pursue. It is an indispensable factor to achieve the desired career goals smoothly. To set an
effective career goal you should adopt a SMART goal technique.

SMART goal techniques

How to Set Your Goals?

The SMART Goal Technique is:

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Achievable (Avoid Negativity)
R = Realistic
T = Timebound and Tie action to each goal


While setting goals one should keep the focus on the specification of their capabilities. Success is not the same for everyone. For example, becoming an IAS officer is a success while for others to live life peacefully is a success.


Setting a goal is not enough to ensure success while an individual needs to measure its
outcome too. The outcome can be measured by setting or applying a timeframe, and it also
helps to complete the short-term goal. For example, a student will complete graduation in three years.

Achievable & Avoid Negativity

A goal should be achievable, no point in setting a goal that never be possible to achieve. Avoiding Negativity means an individual should always focus ahead and how he or she can achieve more. Instead of counting your flaws, always try to take inspiration from your success.
Looking Ahead” is the only mantra for success.


This factor makes you take care about your goals, that one should always think of real goals.
For example, if a person wants to win an Oscar but did not even know acting, this is something unachievable. “Keep it Simple and Real”

Timebound & Tie action to each goal

Goals should be timebound, no point in achieving a goal without time-limit. Eg. I will be a top industrialist in my city within five years. To achieve your goals sincerely, you need to be actionable. Plan your actions with a timeline and specify them for every goal you want to achieve. These actions get you clear about your own strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you adopt risk management techniques to avoid failures in your success path.

How to set a life goal?

Setting a goal is the way to put the right efforts at the right place. To set a goal all you need to keep it real and interesting.
Every chapter of life needs a proper goal. This piece of information focuses on 3 major chapters of life.

1.Educational Goal

  • To set an educational goal, an individual requires to follow some set of goals.
    a. Start with a specific and clear goal.
    b. Develop your goal chart and review it daily.
    c. Progress report is the best way to measure your activeness towards goals.

2.Financial Goal

Finance is hard to maintain and you need to set effective goals to achieve it.

  • Start to write your personal finance goals.
  • Calculate the money you need to achieve your goal (risk in finance management)
  • Start investing in mutual funds and pain insurance.

3.Relationship Goals

Relations are delicate and can be affected at any stage of life. You need some goals to strengthen your bond.
a. Always look ahead in relation and never be judgmental.
b. Specify the timing and spend time to know your relationship deeply.

How to make a goal measurable?

Way to make your goal measurable are:

  1. Check the outcome of steps taken to achieve the goal.
  2. Measure and compare it with your daily performance towards our goals.
  3. Define your timeframe and check whether you are capable of achieving it within time.
  4. By measuring we can judge the speed and completion rate of your task.

How to set your goals and achieve it?

There are 5 ways to set a goal and achieve it :

How to achive goals

Set Motivating Goal

While setting goals, always keep in mind that they should motivate you. Your goals should
have values and importance in your life. Goals with high priority and commitment fill you
with energy and result to achieve it fast.

Set SMART Goal (Make Plan)

This Goal technique is statistically proven to achieve goals smoothly. Here, SMART
goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound.

Write Down your Goal (Make Plan)

The best way to memorize your goals can be to write them on paper. This way will help you
to be motivated.

Develop an action plan & Get to Work

Before setting an outcome, always be conscious to set your steps towards goals
precisely. Remember no pain, no gain. Get to work as early as possible to achieve your goal.

Stick to your Goal

Get committed to your own goals and put your 100% effort to achieve them. Never got
disappointed with your goals because failure is like an essential ingredient.


Setting a proper goal can prove your capability and tendency to achieve something big in life.
Goals are the ultimate steps towards success, once you start adopting goals it will help you to
fulfill both short as well as long-term goals.

By setting goals you become all eligible to achieve any critical situation in your life.

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