How to maintain a car during lock-down

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COVID-19 outbreak is not just affecting human beings, it affecting machines too. In this situation, we must stay at home to avoid the spreading of corona virus. During this lock-down, one thing most of the people bit worried about ‘How to maintain a car during lock-down’? Post lock down many people may start to experience a dying car / SUV battery and a flat tire (puncture).

During a lock-down, millions of people must stay at home.
Public transport is closed, private vehicles are not allowed to use.

We have to follow government instruction in this pandemic situation and maintain social distancing.

During this lock down, priority goes to our health first but at the same time, we have to also take care of our automotive during this lock down condition.

Since 24th March 2020, India observing lock-down condition. During this lock-down condition, most of the vehicles in India are in unused condition. This unused condition may affect the vehicle condition.

Following simple tips can help you to maintain your car and bike in good condition during this lock-down condition.

How to maintain a car – tips

How to maintain a car : Parking precaution

How to maintain a car in parking condition
Car Parking precaution

Covered car parking is an ideal condition for a car. This will not only protect your car from color fading but also protect the tire from dry rot.

Ultra-violet sun rays are not good for a tire. Tires are made from rubber and rubber comes with shelf life. If your car is not parked in side covered parking / shed and tire is aging for more than 3 years, the risk of developing dry rot conditions in a tire will be very high.

Remember color fading is not severe and it’s not at all a safety risk. However, once your car tire starts developing a dry rot phenomenon, it’s challenging to stop it.

If you do not have covered parking, cover your car by body cover. If you do not have covered parking, cover your car by body cover. Body cover will protect car paint from harmful sunlight and also from bird droppings.

How to maintain a car: Parking brake Tips

How to maintain a car- Parking brake tips
Parking brake

It’s a wise decision to park a car in 1st gear or in parking mode. Avoid using handbrake, engaging hand brake for a long time may lead to handbrake stuck (brake pads sticks to wheel)

How to maintain a car: Battery care tips.

How to maintain a car - battery tips
Battery care tips

Battery discharge is a common problem in every vehicle if the vehicle is not in use for a long time. In a modern car, the battery still provides power supply to the car anti-theft system, central locking system even though the car is not in use.

If it’s possible to drive for 5 to 10 minutes within society/apartment compound, (without breaking social distancing& lock down rule) drive the car once in a week. It will recharge the battery and you can eliminate the risk of battery discharge / drain.

If it’s not allowed or difficult to drive within the apartment compound/society, start the car once in a week and let the engine run (with AC on) at idle speed for 10 to 15 minutes. (idle speed of engine – when the engine runs without pressing accelerator/throttle pedal)

Running a car engine on idle speed for 10 to 15 minutes helps to maintain engine consumables like oil and coolant in good condition. Oil circulation within the engine lubricates all moving components.

How to maintain a car:Tire care tips

How to maintain a car - tire care
Tire Care Tips

Tire pressure drops over the period. If you have a portable tire pump and pressure gauge, check tire pressure once in a week. If tire pressures dropped, maintain recommended tire pressure.

Tire flat spots – Car weight, low tire pressure, and prolonged parking cause tire flat spots. Flat spots are nothing but an irregular worn-out section of tire tread

If you notice flattening of a small section of the tire tread or bald tire patches, it’s nothing but a tire flat spots. Flat spots disturb tire circumference and you may experience vibration while driving a car.

How to avoid tire flat spots? A weekly short drive can avoid tire flat spots as the same surface of a tire will not come again in contact with the parking floor/road surface.
If a short drive is not possible, move the car back and forth and increase tire pressure by 2-4 psi. (above-recommended tire pressure)

How to maintain a car: Car Interior Care

How to maintain a car - car interior care

Rodent entry inside the car is possible through few entry points like damaged air conditioning pollen filter, damaged under-body grommet, damaged pedal shaft, and steering column grommet.
Rodent entry inside a modern car interior is highly difficult as modern cars are equipped with good quality grommet and sealed a/c vent system.

Do not leave any food items inside the car. Left out food scrap inside the car leaves bad stench which may attract rodent.

The above tips will help you to keep your car in good condition. Do not worry about free / paid car servicing schedule, as most of the car manufactures are extending warranty tenure and free serving schedule due to lock-down.

Health is Wealth! Nothing is important than your health, not even your car. Make sure you do not breach lock-down rules while maintaining your car. Take proper precautions, cover your face with a mask before you enter in parking lobby.

Use sanitizer once you are done with this job.

Take care, and stay safe at home!


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