Who invented diesel engine?

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Thank You Mr.Diesel

Do you know who has invented a diesel engine? A diesel engine was invented by Mr.Rudalf Diesel in 1897. Mr.Rudalf was a mechanical engineer and scientist.

Mr.Rudalf was born on 18th March 1858 in Paris. He died on 29th September 1913. His death is still a mystery.

Diesel invented a compression-ignition internal combustion engine after several trial and error.

Diesel started research on a steam engine fueled by ammonia vapor. This test was unsuccessful and during the testing engine exploded and severely injured Diesel. After this incidence, Diesel spent several months in a hospital.

Despite the severe accident, Diesel did not stop his research on building a compression ignition engine.

From 1893 to 1897 Diesel puts the effort on building a compression ignition engine. After several trial and error, the first diesel engine successfully ran in 1897.

The compression diesel engine is popularly known as a diesel engine. His invention bears his name.


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